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[1/5] Scope of the site
The scope of the site is to give just an idea of my activity. This is why arguments are developped in a very brief way.
Suggestions on both arguments and editing will be appreciated in order to improve the site.
Suggested monitor resolution: 1024 x 768.


[2/5] Ordinary availability
I am in the office depending on my outdoor engagements.
Usually I am in the office on Mondays, on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays to receive requests, to develop my office work and to answer to my Clients.
Anyway you can contact me anytime just calling the number (+39) 329 2120050 (mobile phone).
If you cannot get me or my answering system, probably the phone line is congested. If this is the case, please call again later.


[3/5] Membrane interchangeability
Major Manufacturers make standard membranes for the common applications. This let you use membranes produced by different Manufacturers without changing your unit.
When you want to improve your unit's performance, when you want to obtain peculiar results or when you simply want to reduce the cost of spare parts, you can purchase the suitable membranes.
Some Manufacturers make also the so-called "retrofits" which are membranes expressly designed to replace the most successful and/or the most expensive membranes sold by their competitors.
Once I was called to replace old standard 4"x38" spiral-wound acetate membranes working on old reverse osmosis units with suitable thin-film composite membranes. Thin-film composite membranes were preferred for their better performance, their lower working pressure and their unlimited resistance to chemical cleaning. I used the retrofits offerred for the scope by a major membrane Manufacturer.
Later the Client decided to use standard 4"x40" membranes considering their diffusion and short delivery time. It was possible after changing only the vessels (membrane housings) on the same units.
At present I am evaluating the use of retrofit ultrafiltration flat sheet membranes on existing plate-and-frame units.
Please call me for details.


4/5] Ultrafiltration submersible membrane array
A major Manufacturer introduced a new design array of ultrafiltration flat sheet membranes housed in a plastic frame. You can find membranes with several cut-offs up to 150000. The membrane array works submerged in the water to be treated. A pump on permeate side sucks up water. Cleaning is possible by simply inverting water flow.
This solution looks very cheap referring to spare membrane costs, energy consumption (you pump the lower flow at very low pressure) and needed equipment.
It can work to concentrate waste waters (aiming to zero discharge) and to remove B.O.D., C.O.D. and other high molecular weight pollutants when existing units are undersized or overcharged.
Please call me for details.


[5/5] Prices of reverse osmosis membranes
Most Manufacturers offer quantity discounts for their reverse osmosis membranes.
When you purchase a lot of them you can have good prices. Otherwise you must pay much more for the same membranes.
I have an agreement with some major reverse osmosis membrane Manufacturers who will consider all my Clients members of the same team. This way you can have good prices no matter of your individual order extension.
Please call me for details.